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Looking For Uniqueness - Fall Campaign 2017


For its Spring-Summer 2017, Imperial calls its Made-in-Italy fashion tribe back.

The #imperialgang gathers to tell about a new evolution in taste, in which the rebellious youth spirit embraces a polished yet scruffy, shabby chic style, whose final effect strikes as surprising and original.

Drawing on the 90s grunge aesthetics and embracing post-punk lines, the street style of the #imperialgang combines and harmonizes illusory contrasts: pastel hues on tough outfits, the tulle’s lightness and the denim’s functionality, floral prints on rock glam attitude, taylored details and fluid oversized shapes.

Imperial, with its new collection, tells about young adults that dare to mix and remix. Young men and women whose inner shades flow into an imperfect outer harmony.

Join the #imperialgang.